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A Padlet of Student Voices

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Apr 15, 2017

While following the Twitter traffic for CanvasCon at Southern Methodist University in March, I saw an example of someone using Padlet in Canvas. That seemed like a really good idea, and I knew I wanted to give it a try. Padlet is especially good for collaborative editing, and I might use it for that next year in my classes... but for now, what I wanted was a way to collect and share quotes from the growth mindset posts in my students' blogs.


So, I created a free Padlet and chose the grid option, which means that the newest items will automatically go in the top row, which is just what I want, since it is my plan to keep adding new quotes every few days just to keep it fresh! It's easy to snag the quotes from the Inoreader stream of my students' growth mindset posts.


padlet screenshot


Then, I decided to embed the Padlet in my Growth Mindset blog, and I liked the Padlet wallpaper so much I grabbed that to use as my blog wallpaper too. It's a green theme: green for growth! (I used to mirror the wallpaper image to it works well even when tiling.) I am really excited about having my students' thoughts and observations on every blog page! I've never embedded something across columns at a blog before, but I really like the idea of putting the students' voices there up at the top. I might attempt a more ambitious blog redesign this summer using one of those new responsive Blogger templates, but for now, I think this is a good change, and it is a great reminder / incentive for me to keep an eye on the blog posts, looking for more good quotes to use:


blog screenshot



Then, I created a Padlet page in my Canvas Growth Mindset space too:


canvas screenshot


It's easy to embed because Padlet gives you the iframe. The Padlet has a share icon in the top right, and you just choose "embed" to get the code you need to copy-and-paste into Canvas. Easy-peasy!


padlet embed screenshot


This is the kind of dynamic content that I really like: you add a new item to the Padlet and — presto! — it shows up everywhere the Padlet is embedded. MAGIC.


I'll be presenting about Growth Mindset for CanvasLIVE this week, so this will be fun to share then! :-)

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