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Growth Mindset Update (4/26/2017)

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Apr 26, 2017

Last week I did my CanvasLIVE about the growth mindset cats, and since this is an ongoing project for me, I thought I would use this blog to do weekly updates about how that is going. I really want to have a new-and-much-improved growth mindset experience to offer my students next fall, and documenting that along the way will keep me motivated. So, except for when I'm on vacation this summer (I'm going to Texas a couple of times, and to Oklahoma also), I'll try to post something here each week. And now... here is an update:


I'm really happy with the routine I have right now that has three main activities:
transcribing infographics

creating new cats

collecting quotes from my students


During the summer I will be able to take on some more ambitious projects, but these are quick, simple activities that allow me to do a couple of infographics and a couple of new cats every week.


And... it is all showing up automatically in my Canvas Growth Mindset space! There is a page with the latest infographic displayed automatically...


infographic screenshot


and the latest cat...


cat screenshot


and the newest student comments show up at the top of the Padlet page.


padlet screenshot


I am very happy with all of that, and setting up the Canvas space has really helped me get organized and stay organized so that I will start off the summer in a less-chaotic-than-usual mode!


And below you will find my favorite new cat and favorite new infographic of this past week. :-)


Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone
(this is a favorite because I also get stuck in my comfort zone and have to nudge myself to do new things)


getting out of your comfort zone



Being different can give you power.
(and, yeah, I think it is pretty clear why this is a favorite... I've always been different, even painfully so: now, grown up, I can embrace that instead of trying, and failing, to be like everybody else, ha ha)


being different can give you power