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Google Sheets for Cats Too

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Apr 30, 2017

Since I am nerding out about spreadsheets (see previous post: Google Sheets for Content Management ), I thought I would write up something quickly about how I use a spreadsheet to do the Growth Mindset Cats also. Over the years, I've been keeping track of cheezburger cats that I like, along with public domain and CC-licensed images of cats online (I have over a thousand of these now, accumulating them slowly but surely over the past five years or so). When I find something I like, I put the URL in a spreadsheet, plus a brief text description. The spreadsheet also has columns for my different cat meme projects (Growth Mindset Cats, LatinLOLCats, Shakespearean Cats, GrammarCatz), and as I use an image for a project, I mark "done" in that column.


sheet screenshot


So, this morning I picked out a student quote from the Padlet to use for a cat, and I put "cat" in that spreadsheet (see previous post for details).


Then, I found the image to go with that quote, made the meme, and put "done" in the Growth Mindset column of the cat spreadsheet (see screenshot above).


Yes, I am a nerd. But a happy nerd! 


And now that my digital tasks are done here, I am going to go enjoy this sunny Sunday. Happy weekend, everybody!


~ ~ ~


Here is the student quote and the cat I made:

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I want to continue to grow in the regions of creativity

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I want to be fearless about my writing and improve.


I will write without fear