Laura Gibbs

Sites and Subsites with Google Sites

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on May 7, 2017

Just a quick update on my Google Sites post from yesterday (A Summer of Google Sites Begins): I am more and more impressed with Google Sites as a webspace! I wouldn't want to do actual writing of content here (I'm keeping all the substantial content inside GoogleDrive)... but I've created a kind of "super site" with "subsites" for my tiger stories, and it looks like it is going to work great! I have one set of tiger stories from India (on a page with subpages), and then I will add the other sets over the coming week. You can see the first set here:

Tiger Stories - India 


india tiger stories screenshot


In other discussions, I've mentioned how impossible it seems to me to do serious content development inside Canvas, and this fun adventure with Google Sites convinces me of that even more so. Working with Google Sites is fun, really easy, and the limitations (which are considerable) pretty much force you to stay organized, while also making sure that your content is going to be mobile-friendly. By combining Google Sites with Google Drive, I think I am going to have a really fun summer of content development, and I am excited about the possibility of using Google Sites side by side with my students now, just as we are co-bloggers using Blogger.


Is there anybody else having fun with the new Google SItes? Now that I have found my combination strategy using embedded GoogleDocts, I am really happy about this! :-)