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Cartoons and Other Summer Fun at Twitter

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on May 23, 2017

I don't have a lot of time for just exploring and having fun at Twitter, but during the summer, I can definitely spend some time playing at Twitter while listening to music and just relaxing. The main way I use Twitter is by TWITTER LISTS (it helps me to focus and also it eliminates ads!), and I made some new lists to enjoy this summer. Twitter lists can be public or private, and the lists below are all public. You do have to have a Twitter account to access a public list, but that's all you need: you can click on the list links to see the latest activity at the list (or to see the members), and you can also subscribe to a list. If you do that, new tweets from the list will show up in your Twitter stream automatically.


CARTOONISTS. I love cartoons! I was following some of my favorite cartoonists already, and what I did yesterday was to go through the cartoons I've saved to share with my classes: for each cartoonist, I looked to see if they were at Twitter... and most of them were. This is going to be a really fun list, and now I won't miss new items from my favorites.


WRITERS. This was also a fun list to make: I went through my Kindle and my account, and I then checked to see which writers were at Twitter. The result is a long and eclectic list since these writers are each using Twitter in their own way. I will probably tinker with this list as I get a sense of how each writer is using Twitter (and whether that does or does not work for me)... it's going to be a fun process encountering book authors in this new online space!


CANVAS. I've got a Twitter list of Canvas and Canvas Community people, but it is very hodge-podge. If you are using Twitter, leave a comment on this post with your Twitter handle so that I can add you to the list!


DOMAINS17. Because I'm an adjunct without travel support from my school, I don't go to a lot of conferences... but I decided to spend my own $$$ to go to the Domains17 conference in June, and this Twitter list has the conference organizers and speakers. This conference lines up with my interests so perfectly that I know I will have lots to learn from everyone who is attending, and I hope there will be an attendee list too so that I can add them to the Twitter list.



And if you're interested in integrating Twitter and Canvas, I've got lots of tips about that here:
Twitter4Canvas CanvasLIVE


... and here's a cartoon from one of my all-time-favorites, the great Grant Snider — create your own hoops!


Message to a Graduate by Grant Snider