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Par-Tay Game with Pandas

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on May 25, 2017

We're making ACRONYMS and making MEMES at the Par-Tay today! And yes, there are point-prizes available, thanks to the awesome party organizers! :-)


ACRONYMS: here are some ideas!ACRONYMS / MEMES: some more ideas!

1.Make a P.A.N.D.A. acronym sentence. (This is not as easy as it looks!). Example:

Party All Night; Daytime: Asleep!


2. Make a P.A.N.D.A. acronym list. Instead of a sentence, find words that start with the letters of panda:

P is for Playful

A is for Abilities Unlimited

N is for Napping Hard

D is for Determination

A is for Awesomeness


3. Or... make an acronym of your name. Example:
LAURALoving All U Rockin' Admins!


Share your acronyms in the PARTY CHAT area.

1. Make a meme of your panda acronym (see left).


2. Make a Party Panda meme. Start it off with:
Party Panda says: ____


3. Make a Canvas Panda meme:. Start it off with:

Canvas Panda says: ___


I've got some pandas ready to go at Cheezburger: use this Flickr Album to find a Cheezburger link OR use the images below to find a panda you like. Click the number and make your meme!


Of course, you can use any meme generator and/or any panda images that you want. The Cheezburger gallery is set up just so that you don't have to be herding pandas. They are all ready and waiting to be memed. :-)


Share your panda memes HERE IN THE COMMENTS section.


This animated gif shows all the pandas, and here are the numbered links to the Cheezburger pages (see Google Doc for image sources). Remember to use the option for bigger font size in Cheezburger when it's a larger original image.


Panda 1 - Panda 2 - Panda 3 - Panda 4 - Panda 5 - Panda 6 - Panda 7 - Panda 8 - Panda 9 - Panda 10 - Panda 11 - Panda 12 - Panda 13 - Panda 14 - Panda 15 - Panda 16 - Panda 17 - Panda 18


animated pands

Flickr Album: This screenshot of the Flickr Album shows all the pandas; you can also visit the Album and find the Cheezburger links there in the description for each image.


Flickr album screenshot


Sample acronym/meme panda. This one is for a single letter:


D is for Determination


Sample Party Panda:


Thank Panda It's Friday


Sample Canvas Panda:


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