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New Canvas Widget: Aesop Illustrations

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Jun 1, 2017

My summer project for Aesop's fables (details here and here) is going great, and since I now have over 350 illustrations ready to go, I decided to make a Canvas-friendly widget that displays the images at random. I created the widget and put it in my Canvas Widget Warehouse here: 

Widget: Aesop Illustrations: Laura's Widget Warehouse 


Here's a screenshot:


widget screenshot


The way this works is that I've created an https version of the images, of the javascript AND of the iframe that you can use to include the image in any Canvas page or discussion board. The images are 400 pixels wide, so you need about 420 pixels for the widget to work. Each item in the widget links back to the book online where students can explore and learn more at the Aesop's Books blog.


For more about how all this works, see my CanvasLIVE presentation on randomizing javascripts:

Canvas-Friendly Javascripts – Teaching with Canvas