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Fun and Foward-Looking LMS Moments from Domains17

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Jun 9, 2017

I got home from BRILLIANT Domains2017 conference last night and have spent the day so far reading thru the #domains17 stream at Twitter (wow!) and enjoying the blog posts people have been writing. Lots of good stuff, like these great posts by Tim Klapdor and Amy Collier with their themes of belonging, just to take two examples. So, this is my #Domains17 post, and I'm not going to worry about the impossibility of getting it all... I'm just going to start with something, and then something else, and so on.


And what I want to start with is one of Tom Woodward's wonderful Domains17 art portraits; this is Suzanne Churchill and Kristen Eshleman. Isn't that a great picture? Tom asked people to choose a favorite artwork (we were staying in a combination hotel-museum in Oklahoma City, so there was art all around us for the whole conference!), and in his tweet about this particular portrait Tom made a connection to Doctor Dolittle's pushmi-pullyu which seemed to me such a nice metaphor for the dynamic tension and energy of us net-workers and domainers as we are being pushed by the brilliant energy of other people's enthusiasms (you push me!) and we are also pulling others along with our own enthusiasms (I pull you!). We are going in our own directions, pushing and pulling, and also connecting and balancing together.




And since I'm writing this post in my Canvas blog, I'll now focus on pushing and pulling and the LMS since the LMS was, of course, a theme... and a point of contention... at the conference. So, below you will find just a few of the LMS takeaways from the conference, and I will be sharing my own thoughts about all of this in more posts about Canvas and Domains in the coming weeks. In fact, as I wind up my current "summer of curation" CanvasLIVE events, I will then shift to a series on what it means to bridge Canvas and Reclaim Domains (I got so many good ideas for that from brainstorming with Michelle Meazell and the online course folks when I went down to Norman the day after the conference). Domains17 pushed me to learn more about what I can do with my domain, and I also want to be pulling you Canvas users into this exciting, open adventure: pushmi-pullyu! :-)


So, here are some LMS moments from the conference:


1. Sean Michael Morris and Jesse Stommel's beautiful presentation offered many thoughtful challenges; this was at the top of my must-see list as soon as the conference itinerary came out. Check out the slides to see what I mean: If bell hooks Made an LMS: Grades, Radical Openness, and Domain of One's Own. I hope everyone will take a few minutes to explore; the slidedeck is at the bottom of Jesse's post. Here's just one slide among many that can start some real dialogue about what's really wrong with the LMS: top-down grading instead of side-by-side dialogue.


LMS versus dialogue


2. Because of the timing of the Virtually Connecting session with the OU crew, I did not get to attend Tim Klapdor's session, but he has shared the slides and a post, so here is more thought-provoking LMS stuff to explore: Beyond the LMS. The architecture of Canvas is going to let people on my campus explore and learn more about these possibilities than we ever could with D2L, so we can get ourselves ready to move beyond the LMS into new kinds of learning spaces. I'm pinging Jared Stein on this one; I'm sure he has seen Tim's stuff, but there might be some new twists and turns in this latest iteration. :-)


beyond the LMS


3. And while it was not about the LMS per se, the totally energizing and inspiring Running Errands for Ideas presentation by Jim Luke had one of the best LMS anecdotes and one of the best LMS slogans of the conference. The anecdote is this: Jim was running a pilot of Domains at Lansing Community College (and, as he pointed out, we should be seeing a lot more community colleges on the DoOO list); so, as the pilot was drawing to a close, he realized that one of the keys to getting the project renewed and extended was this amusing fact: the LMS support team at his school had done their documentation in a Domains-powered site. The LMS needed Domains! And as for the slogan, here it is, as Mo Pelzel tweeted it during the session: "You don't replace the LMS; you displace it, one chunk at a time." Keegan put this in his presentation too (see below).


mo pelzel tweet


4. Also not about the LMS per se but very relevant was Jonathan Poritz's presentation on security; check out the cryptology chapter in his online textbook: Yet Another Introductory Number Theory Textbook. Thanks to what I learned from Jonathan's talk, I am now getting closer to being able to actually understand/explain the crypto-magic of HTTPS and why it is so important. The scheduling was also perfect: Jonathon's presentation came before Keegan's presentation on Domains-in-Canvas, which means Jonathon provided us with much-needed HTTPS awareness, teaching us (mathematically!) about what is going on behind the scenes when a site is HTTPS-secure, so that Keegan could then show us how HTTPS and the Redirect tool are two powerful ways to opening Canvas up to our Domain spaces. If you have a Reclaim Domain, just toggle on that HTTPS option (whoo-hoo!), and your content is now good to go wherever you want to take it... including a Canvas context.


number theory book by poritz


5. Which brings us to Keegan Long-Wheeler's presentation: Domains inside the LMS? I love that he did it as a totally open Canvas course (we couldn't have done that with D2L, our previous LMS), featuring a whole long list of all kinds of Domains-driven web content integrated with Canvas. I was really happy that Keegan included some of my javascript Canvas stuff in there — and if you are curious about Javascripts and Canvas, here's a CanvasLIVE I did about that recently: Canvas-Friendly Javascripts (I use the aforementioned magic of HTTPS to share the widgets from my domain with any Canvas user). And definitely check out the link to the fantastic event Keegan organized at my school: PAINTCanvas. It's a lovely model for a professional development Canvas event!


keegan's canvas course homepage


6. Plus, as you can see from the homepage of Keegan's Domains-Canvas course, the workshop resulted in a nice little hacking event with Andy Rush as Andy explains here:


andy rush hacks canvas


7. Keegan's presentation was also when we got to hear from Jon Udell himself about his experience developing the integration with Canvas... the power of open! (And an aside: meeting Jon was one of my OMG-it's-really-you fan-girl moments from the conference, and he has a tantalizing idea for a new kind of writing/revision software that I learned about on an impromptu excursion to the Oklahoma City National Memorial... with many thanks to John Stewart and Keegan for taking us there.) I didn't get to go to Jon's actual presentation (I'll update this if/when he shares a link), but there's some great stuff right here at Canvas Community already like this Hypothesis partner page, plus this Hypothesis. webinar (follow links there for more).

Update: Thanks to William Croom's blog post (Small is Beautiful), I found a link to Jon's presentation notes and some ideas about exactly the kind of thing I want to work on with tool integration. So, go read Adam's post and follow the link to Jon's notes too. A quote:


after lunch on day 2 he sat down with myself and Keegan Long-Wheeler and had a story and question. He said he had just talked to Heather Castillo, a dance professor from CSU-Channel Islands. She had told him she wasn’t a “tech-y” but wanted to show him her site. And Jon was so impressed with how she had culled together multiple tools like VoiceThread, Padlet, Populr, and Google Docs to meet her pedagogical needs. He was so impressed that he recommended that she speak at a future conference (agreed!) and then asked an excellent question: How do we teach people to do that?

jon udell at domains17


So, to wrap things up (lucky number 7 seems a good place to end that list... for now), here's one of my favorite conference pics: it shows the wild and goofy goodness of Jim Groom (in signature hat) and the whole Reclaim Hosting crew plus co-conspirators as captured in a Domains17 moment:


reclaim selfie


And for those of you who don't know about Reclaim Hosting, check them out.


I repeat: CHECK THEM OUT. And I'll have lots more to say in future posts about the superpower possibilities that come from bringing Canvas and Domains into the same orbit. 


And as proof that I was there, you too can experience the power of Virtually Connecting via video: click and listen in. :-)


me, Cody, Keegan, and John