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Connected-Learning-with-Cats Maker Challenge

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Jul 4, 2017

I took a few days off this weekend (yay for summer!), and when I came back I saw that Biray Seitz had made a Connected Learning with Cats playlist/challenge, so I made a list below also of the links of all the slidedecks and notes that go with the different presentations. To tell the truth, the slidedecks (with all the links to click!) plus my notes (more links!) are probably more useful than the stand-alone videos:

  1. Twitter4Canvas Slidedeck-Notes
  2. Blog-as-Homepage Slidedeck-Notes
  3. Growth Mindset Slidedeck-Notes
  4. Javascripts in Canvas Slidedeck-Notes
  5. YouTube Playlists Slidedeck-Notes
  6. Using Free Online Books Slidedeck-Notes
  7. Pinterest-Flickr-Diigo-Padlet Slidedeck-Notes


Biray's challenge is to watch the videos, and here is my personal challenge to anybody using the videos: if you MAKE something that is inspired by one of the presentations, then leave a link here, or upload the image, or upload the screenshot if you make something in a Canvas Page, and I will gladly award you another 50-points Badge for Connected-Learning-with-Cats Maker Challenge.


Nothing would make me happier than to give away all my Community points for the making of things... and hey, it's summer, people! Long summer days with — glory hallelujah! — some free time at last. Learn something! And, best of all: make something new!


No need to watch all the videos for this challenge. In fact, no need to even watch any videos since you can use all the slidedecks and notes by themselves too... just take a look at the one where the topic and/or tool is of greatest interest to you, see what inspires you, and then decide what you want to make. If you run into a snag or have questions or need more step by step instructions, just leave me a question here. That will really help me out, in fact, because I'm never sure just which things are going to be obvious and which things need more detailed explanation.


ANYTHING you want to make sounds good to me: make a Twitter list, make a blog, create a meme, add a javascript to a Canvas course, create a YouTube playlist, set up a Diigo account, put a Padlet in Canvas... on and on and on. The possibilities are literally infinite. It's all about what you want to learn.


Memes so far from KonaSky, and Nancy.

What else will people dream up...? 


Growth mindset cat says:

Drive your own learning... and do things you have never done before.


do things you have never done before