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Sharing some love for CanvasLIVE

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Jul 7, 2017

I did my last CanvasLIVE of the year last week, and I made a come-one-come-all badge challenge based on those presentations; check it out if you have time for exploration and making new things this summer:

Connected-Learning-with-Cats Maker Challenge 


What I wanted to write about today was how CanvasLIVE was a real challenge for me, and how grateful I am to Stefanie Sanders for giving me the encouragement I needed to get started. I can still remember my reaction reading a message she sent me back in February suggesting that I do a CanvasLIVE based on one of my blog posts... NO, that's not me. NO, I don't do live presentations. NO, I don't do slideshows. And the tiny voice that's always saying... NOOOOOO, that's new and scary.


And so I was really ready to answer "no" — and that would be so much simpler, right? Saying "yes" would lead to all kinds of complications, and take time, and require making decisions and extra work and on and on. I'm rather proud of my ability to say "no" to things and manage my time well. But being honest with myself, the reason I wanted to say "no" was because something like CanvasLIVE was scary and new, not because of the time it would take.


But then, thank goodness, I thought about all the messages, direct and indirect, I am communicating to my students all the time about growth mindset. How on earth could I turn something down like this that would give me such a good chance to grow and try something new and connect with other learners and share what I learned...?


So I said YES. And looking back on it I am totally absolutely glad that I did. Doing the CanvasLIVE presentations this spring and summer was FUN. I learned SO MUCH. It helped me get REALLY ORGANIZED.


And... it helped me get ready for NEW OPPORTUNITIES! A few weeks ago an online friend, Brad Esau, who writes the fabulous Taming the Polar Bears blog (tagline: Working to change our understanding of mental health disorders and the approach to treating them. Working to reduce stigma and promote acceptance. Teaching positive ways to a better life and mind, to a better mind and life.) asked me to do a webinar with him about growth mindset, since a lot of the growth mindset concepts are very relevant to the topics he researches and writes on for the blog, and he has built up an audience of readers and also an audience of people who like video content too. Because of CanvasLIVE, I did not even hesitate this time: I said yes yes yes, of course! So, we did a couple of practice sessions, and this Wednesday we are going to record our first webinar, and then if there is interest among Brad's readers/viewers, we'll do some more in the future. 


Which is all by way of saying THANKS to the Canvas Community for the opportunity to participate in CanvasLIVE, and I would encourage anybody/everybody who has some ideas and experiences to share to give it a try. Stefanie makes it really fun and easy, and you never know where it might lead! :-)


I made a new growth mindset cat today that actually fits this post pretty well, so I'll include it here:


How do I do it?
I can do it.
I will do it!


how do I do it? I can do it. I will do it! cat reaches for coleslaw


That cat was inspired by a growth mindset graphic you have probably seen before; it's one that I like a lot: THE STEPS. So... even if you've never done a live video demo before, take a step out of your comfort zone and give it a try! :-)


the steps: growth mindset graphic