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Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Jul 10, 2017

In a previous post I had mentioned how my CanvasLIVE stuff helped me feel ready to do some more video-type webinars, and this week I am doing something on growth mindset with Brad Esau for his Taming the Polar Bears project. I prepared the slideshow this morning, and I was really excited that I had a Canvas Growth Mindset space to share it in! Screenshot and link:

Polar Bears Presentation (July 2017): Exploring Growth Mindset 

Since the slideshow is right there in the Canvas Growth Mindset space, people can click and explore all they want. If you want to see the show, just use that link (since we can't embed here in Jive, alas).


Canvas growth mindset slideshow screenshot


I had created that Canvas Growth Mindset space hoping that the resources which accumulate there would be useful to others, and now I have a chance to share that with a totally new audience. With D2L, I could never build public resources like that, but with Canvas now I can!


In my CanvasLIVE version of this slideshow I had talked about course design and Canvas integration; for this presentation, I swapped those sections out with new sections on Mindset Mantras and on More Resources, and I removed the little CanvasLIVE heart (except on the slide that is about Canvas!), although I kept the cool blue graphic decoration — especially for growth mindset, it makes me think of a brain with neurons growing. 


One of the mantras is about the power of yet, and I included a YouTube video in the slide. It was easy! And now people can sing along with Janelle Monae and the Muppets. I didn't realize how totally easy it is to add a video to a slide. So, that is for my "learn something new every day" file for today. :-)



Janelle Monae video screenshot