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Time and Time Management

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Aug 12, 2017

I had shared some of my first week Orientation exercises in another post, and Kona Jones had mentioned she liked the Time one, so I thought I would share a little more information about that here. Time management is the single biggest success (and failure) factor in my classes, and I will admit that I really struggle with how to help students in managing their time. There are students juggling time commitments that I know I could not manage myself, and semester after semester, I keep trying to find resources that might help.


So, at the end of the first week Orientation, they have a Time Management assignment where they pick two articles with time tips to read and reflect on in their blog: Orientation Week — Organizing Your Time. There's a list of articles there for them to choose from right there on the page.


Then, each week there is an extra credit H.E.A.R.T. option students can do if they want (it's optional extra credit). HEART is my acronym shorthand for some elements that I hope the students will think about: H health/happiness, E empathy, A attention, R reading, and T time. One of those Time challenges is to read another article about time management and record their thoughts again in their blog.


I keep all the articles tagged in Diigo, and I also set up a live Diigo stream into this Canvas page to show how it's possible to use Diigo that way. What I like is that whenever I find an article from someone sharing it at G+ or Twitter or wherever, all I have to do is take it with Diigo and, presto, it becomes available to the students, either at Diigo, or in a Diigo stream (I've got a Diigo stream embedded in my blog too)... and here's the Canvas Time page: 


screenshot of Canvas time page




I've got a Time section at my HEART blog too. That's where I keep graphics and videos, and I've got a Canvas-friendly randomizer of the Time graphics too. :-)


time randomizer screenshot



You can never tell just which article will click with which student, but I'm always trying to add to the collection so that hopefully people can learn something useful to help them in that endless time management quest!