Laura Gibbs

New for this semester: Progress Meter

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Aug 26, 2017

I'm trying out something new in the Announcements sidebar for my classes this semester; it's a little Progress Meter. Right now it is just a teeny bit of green (since we are just at the end of the first week of the semester):


announcements screenshot


The reason I added it was that I had originally put a nice "Howdy Week" graphic in the sidebar, and now that the first week of classes is over, I needed to take that Howdy Week graphic down, and I was thinking of what I could include in its place. I remembered that way back in the day I used to have a kind of "countdown" widget for the semester (back what there were Google Gadgets and iGoogle or whatever that Google homepage portal was called, years ago)... and then I remembered that I could make a Progress Meter with Randy Hoyt's, so that is what I did.


Because Randy's tool is pretty old (he built that back around 2003 I think?), it did not have an https option for the images (and I need all my images to be https), so I had to publish the images in my webspace (THANK YOU, RECLAIM HOSTING!), tweak it a little bit (making sure the reference was https, adjusting the width to be 200 pixels for the sidebar), and it worked out nicely. Here's the raw HTML table that generates the script: Progress Meter table. You can see there how it works! As the days go by, a new image displays. 


progress meter table screenshot


I think the students will get a kick out of it, especially towards the end of the semester. :-)