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Fall 2017: Story of a Blog Network (4) — Student Comments, Week 1

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Aug 27, 2017

We are at the end of the Orientation Week in my classes, and one of the final assignments is to comment on the class assignments and tools (Orientation Week link). Some students will still be writing up those blog posts tonight, but I wanted to collect some comments from their posts now since I will probably be too busy on Monday to do that. So, here are the three earlier posts about my student blog network, and below are some comments from the students about how it's going for them so far:

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I like asking students open-ended questions because you never know what they will say, and it is so helpful to me to get a glimpse into their thoughts, assumptions, hopes, worries, etc. One of the reasons I have used blogging all these years is that students really are curious about it, and many are positively excited. I don't think you would find that much excitement about using the Discussion Board... :-)


You can see the streams for those specific assignments here: Assignments - Tech Tools. Here are their comments specifically about blogging:


  • I've never had a class where we have to keep a blog, but I like it! It's fun to write about your opinion as you explore your own creativity.
  • When I first saw the word blog in the syllabus I was a little bit worried because writing is not one of my fortes. However after being in this class for one week I find it isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Since i'm not very good with technology blogging sounded like something I wouldn't be able to do, but the instructions for the assignments are very direct and clear.
  • The setup for this class is very self-paced and motivated. Even though this could be said for most online classes, what makes this course unique is that I do not feel so pressured with making sure what I write is correct according to what the professor wants. So far, I have been able to easily flow through the blog post because I feel like I am writing to more of an audience instead of one professor hoping to get a good grade.
  • After looking over the assignments, I think that all of them seem reasonable and will be interesting. Not only interesting to complete but to look at others blog posts and see what they think.
  • The grading style of this class is rather new to me. There is no such thing called wrong answer in this class. You don't get points taken off by providing wrong answers. You earn full credit by the efforts you put in to finish the works. I feel less constrained when writing blogs, because I know that my answers are not being judged.
  • Learning how to blog is also a cool thing! It might be useful in the future.
  • I think the idea of commenting in people's blogs will be nice, it'll create a unique little online community among our class that I don't think I personally have ever encountered before.
  • I like that we will be able to read others blog post in the class and be able to give our feedback to their writings. I am also excited that others will be able to comment on my own post so that I will be able to fix the problems and get better as a writer.
  • Since I took my English courses in high school, I have not had a writing class in a long time and I enjoy writing a lot. I tried to start up a blog, but I didn't have anything to hold myself accountable, so it didn't last long. I am hoping this class will get me back in the swing of things as this used to be one of my favorite hobbies.
  • A few things are new or uncommon to me in terms of ever doing them, let alone as assignments: blogging, commenting, reading Indian epics and stories, and writing stories that I have to let other people read and critique. For anyone who has read any of my previous posts, I'm sure my inexperience in blogging shows. So far the blogging has been a bit of a challenge for me, but with the practice I will be getting over the course of this semester, I am sure I will get better at it.
  • This is my first time blogging ever, and I have to admit that I am enjoying it more than I thought I would! So far, I really like that we are allowed to keep our posts abstract even though we are assigned a specific topic. I really look forward to completing future assignments and can only imagine how my blog will evolve by the end of the semester!
  • I am excited that all the material seems as it flows together so well. Each assignment is linked to another. I also enjoy that so much of our assignments revolve around this blog, as it gives us a consistent platform to always work with.
  • I already really like my blog even though I had my doubts about it, so I'm sure these will turn out great too! I also really enjoy reading comments from Dr. Gibbs, and I'm looking forward to reading other students' comments and commenting on their blogs.
  • I'm definitely interested in the Tech Tips. I could definitely use more of those, and I'd love to improve my blog!
  • I am not going to lie, when this class first started it all seemed to be a little overwhelming, as I am not computer savvy and have never used a blog before, but honestly after completing a few assignment and getting a feel for the class I feel better. I know I will have to put in work (as with all classes) but it does not seem to be that bad.
  • After going through the first few assignments I have really enjoyed how the majority of the class will be us interacting with blogs as well as other students. I really enjoy online classes, because even though you do not see each other face to face, but you are still able to learn from each other's perspectives by interacting with each other through blog comments.
  • So far, everything that I have started out confused about quickly began to make sense. Although it's extremely new to me, the blogging is already starting to grow on me. It's been really neat to look back on my posts (even though there are only a couple) and think that not only are they not totally embarrassing, but I'm actually kind of proud!
  • My favorite extra credit option is the famous last words. It really allows me to pause and think about my week. Also, it’s cool to have a “diary” of how the entire semester went in school and outside of school on a blog.
  • Thus far, this class feels more like a personal project that coursework. I feel like I've finally decided to start a blog, for my sake, and no one else's. I enjoy the prospect of being given readings that interest me, and having a space that I can call my own, where I get to express these ideas.
  • What better way to operate a class like this than through a blog? It is creative and perfect! I am very excited to write so many stories about the things I learn.
  • I actually didn't realize how much of this class would be technology based until now! I love that there are so many tools for us to use, and so many tools to help us build websites and more interesting blogs (for those of us who do not blog often, like me).
  • I am interested in learning how to create a website, make audio appear in a website, looking at the support sites, and exploring other tools to make my blog more interesting!
  • I have never been good with technology so making a blog was a foreign concept to me until now.
  • This is my first time blogging on a platform like this but I would like to say that I have gotten the hang out of it.
  • One thing I want to definitely get better at is my blogging skills since this is my very first time having one.
  • I would like to get better at blogging because I believe it is a useful thing to know how to do.
  • I am not very good at blogging but the more I do it the easier it becomes.
  • The blogging and commenting on other blogs is very similar to the discussion board posts used for online courses on D2L, but the blog posts are much more in-depth which gives us as students more opportunities to showcase our talents and learn from others.
  • There are only a few new things on the technology list that I have not used before. A blog being one of those new pieces of technology, so yay for a new blog!
  • Some skills I would like to improve upon in this class this semester would be obviously to increase my knowledge and skills in blogging and hopefully make an interesting blog.
  • I actually really want to start my own personal blog after or during this class. I quite enjoy the idea of putting my thoughts on subjects that matter to me down in this kind of format.
  • This is the first time I have created a blog so I am excited to use all the tools to see how it all comes together. I am not really familiar with the blog sites, but I am good at figuring out what tools to use or what how to edit. After all, I am a millennial.
  • As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, this is my first time blogging. This is a skill that I look forward to developing, not because it helps with my grammar skills, but due to the fact that I am beginning to immensely enjoy it. Even after this semester, I can definitely see myself blogging during my free time as a hobby.
  • I'm sure I have friends that can help me if I need it. I'm still new to blogging but it's been pretty easy so far!
  • I am excited to develop the skills to run a blog and create a website. I think these will be good skills to have in my back pocket moving forward!
  • I think audio would add a fun element to a blog post or website.
  • Before this class, my main methods of social media were Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Now, I know how to make and post on a blog. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be and it seems like it might be fun.
  • I have never started my own blog or done anything similar to it. I am actually excited about the opportunity to learn more about the technology side of this class. I have never been very big on technology so forcing my hand into using it will be good for my future. I want to continue to work on web design and making my blogs look good and appealing to the eye.
  • This class is really like none I have ever taken before because of the way each person has their own blog. I just want to continue to get comfortable with technology and have these different websites and blogs become easy to me.
  • As I previously stated in another post, I am very unfamiliar with creating websites and using technology like this, and I have even been too intimidated to use a blog because of my lack of creative abilities. I am excited to finally learn how to use some of these tools, and I will definitely use them for future classes (and I might even finally publish some of my writing for others to read).
  • This semester, I just want to become more confident in my creativity when it comes to blogging. I believe this is the perfect course for that!
  • Like I mentioned in a previous post, this class is very different from my usual business classes! Not only from a content stand point (mythology is a little different then my Auditing and Financial Reporting Class!) but also from a technology standpoint (Blogger is a little different from Excel!)
  • I definitely have never blogged or created a website! Already I am learning a lot just from these first few posts!
  • I've already learned one small technology skill in this class that I didn't have before, which is linking text to a web page. It's simple, but I had never done it before. I find it really useful and a nice way to give background information on anything I want to talk about on this blog, without going off on a tangent. It would also be useful for a regular blogger to link between her own posts or blogs.
  • After using blogger for a few different posts, I feel like I am finally getting the hang of it.
  • This semester my goal is to just learn more about the tools that are available and maybe even pick up blogging outside of this class.
  • One thing I am a little nervous about doing is how to create an aesthetically pleasing blog because blogging seems to be a little more confusing/more work than searching for memes or cropping pictures, but I'm sure with more practice it will become second nature. After a few blog posts already I feel like I'm getting the hang of it.
  • I believe this will be a really fun learning experience and could possibly turn into something I keep doing after this class has ended, because I have always thought starting a blog would be cool but it seemed really hard!
  • I am already upping my "tech-savviness" by becoming a blogger so I guess the rest of this semester I would just like to continue in growing that.
  • I am able to decorate my own blog and express my personalities within my writings (by breaking grammatical rules sometimes Everything is kept casual and fun! At first, I feel very intimidating posting my stories here, but everyone is really friendly and gives me good advises so I am actually excited to post my stories for everyone to read.
  • I see things online all the time that people have created, and I'm fascinated by it. I have no idea where to even start! I have enjoyed the introduction to blogging, and I think I'm getting the hang of the basics. I can't wait until until I've added a few more tools to my belt!
  • I have never had a class that published all of its assignments on a blog before. I think it will be fun, but it is way different from any other class I have taken.
  • I think that blogging is always a good tool to understand and use. In the future, everything is going to turn more and more to online (as if it hasn’t already, right?). The use of communication online will help not only education majors, but microbiology majors, and the majority of others.
  • I will need to learn how to be efficient and effective on my laptop. I had only ever used it for research, and essays. I'm not even on Reddit! So this blogging stuff is all very new to me.
  • Although I haven't really used them, I frequently have visited Tumblr and blogs for a large variety of subjects. They are really cool and I am getting the hang of blogging for this sort of project. It is almost like a digital diary that you use to express what you have learned, which is really cool! I can't wait to go back and look through everything that I have created over the semester!


And they shared some cute graphics too:


technology: just keep swimming


cat at computer: I am soooo blogging this


call tech support; my mouse is dead


wow, such technology much advance: dog meme


blogging = street cred