Laura Gibbs

Growth Mindset Padlet Experiment

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Sep 1, 2017

I discovered Padlet last spring semester too late to make it a part of my classes, although I experimented with some different ways I could use it. This year I was able to start off with Padlet right at the beginning, and I am using it to collect thoughts from my students' growth mindset blog posts. So, I created the Padlet, and I'm using Inoreader to keep track of which growth mindset blog posts I have read / not read (Inoreader automatically assigns a "needquote" tag to the posts as they come in; when I grab a quote from a post, I remove that tag). Slowly but surely, as I have time from day to day, I will add items to the Padlet from the blog posts, and I can make that Padlet part of my Canvas classes. Padlet and Canvas play very nicely together!


Here's the Padlet: Growth Mindset, and here you can see it inside a Canvas course (the course is open so you can click and look). It's not connected via any links to the actual blog posts (you can see that blog stream here if you are curious); instead, the Padlet is more like an anthology of quotes that I am hoping will have a general appeal, and it'sl also something I can save from semester to semester. (I started doing something like this last spring near the end of the semester, but without the pictures; it's better with pictures!)


canvas padlet screenshot


I just used the Redirect Tool to display the Padlet in all three of my Canvas courses — you can use iframe or the integration, but the Redirect Tool is the quickest and easiest way for my purposes here. One thing I really like is that this is a Padlet with quotes from students across my three courses because it is the same assignment. In a lot of ways, my classes really are all the same, just with different reading options based on whether it is a section of Myth-Folklore or a section of Indian Epics. Growth mindset applies equally to all!


For an example of iframe, you can see the same Padlet in my Growth Mindset Canvas course. There I wanted to explain where the quotes are coming from, and the iframe let me put that information above the Padlet display. If you want to give the Padlet some context, iframe is definitely the way to go!


iframe padlet screenshot



So, now I've got a place where I can collect items from my students' blog posts throughout the semester, and that in turn can be a topic for students to post about because one of the growth mindset blog challenges is to browse the Padlet and look for thought-provoking quotes.


I always enjoy reading the students' growth mindset posts and now, by being able to share quotes from those posts in a new way, I can help make those posts valuable to other students. So, that is motivating for me, and I hope that will also motivate more students to share their own thoughts as they complete growth mindset challenge blog posts.


I'll report back later in the semester about how this experiment is going. This was a fun way to end the week, and I hope everybody has a great weekend ahead! :-)