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Fall 2017: Story of a Blog Network (7): RSS Feeds for Projects

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Sep 16, 2017

As I've explained in previous posts for #network2017 , I use the RSS from my students' blogs to run a class network which can be displayed, for example, in Canvas as a live blog stream (Myth - India). In addition to their blogs, the students also publish separate websites with the ir class projects. They choose the platform; here are the web publishing options that I recommend. Some of those options have RSS, but others do not.


So, this creates a dilemma: I want the projects to feel like they are part of the class "network," but without RSS I cannot make that work in quite the same way as the blogs. Based on what I've learned about Diigo this summer, though, I realized that I could use Diigo RSS for this task. This weekend is when the students are setting up their websites, and sure enough: the Diigo solution works! I now have a "Project Stream" in Canvas, just like with the "Blog Stream" — here are the links: Myth-Folklore Projects and Indian Epics Projects.


The way that it works is that as the students turn in their websites, I bookmark the websites in Diigo, and I will also bookmark new stories as they add them. That's what shows up in the stream: the Diigo bookmarks, with the images that I add to the Diigo entries. I also have index pages at the class wiki, and I embedded the Diigo RSS stream there too: Myth-Folklore Project Index and Indian Epics Project Index.


This is actually going to be really nice for me because not only does it create the class project stream, it also gives me Diigo bookmarks that I can work with in other ways. I've already got some ideas for how to take advantage of that!


But for now, I just wanted to announce the arrival of project streams for my classes. That will be fun news to share with the students in tomorrow's announcements! I wonder how many students will notice the new menu item on their own... :-)


project stream screenshot