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Kindle + Diigo + Canvas: share book highlights

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Sep 17, 2017

For me, this was like a dream come true: import my Kindle highlights into Diigo...!!! I saw this in the Diigo blog back in August but I did not have time to try it until today. I was sort of worried about how it would work because I have made highlights on so many books in my Kindle, and I didn't want them all. But Diigo's import system is great: you do it book by book, and Diigo saves all the highlights not as separate bookmarks (I was worried about that too), but just as annotations under a bookmark that it creates for the book you selected.


So, today I started reading Usha Narayana's brand-new book of Hindu legends about love, Prem Purana, and it worked perfectly. (And the book, by the way, is fantastic: Usha Narayanan is a wonderful writer!)


Here's the Diigo blog post with instructions:

a new way to retain knowledge from Kindle books


This is what my Kindle book page looks like for her book; I've only read the first two chapters; see the little Diigo button? You just press the button and, presto, the annotations go into Diigo. As you read more, it adds the new annotations (I tested that by reading Chapter 1, importing, and then I read Chapter 2 and imported; it worked!).


screenshot of Kindle highlights page for Usha Narayanan's book


So Diigo creates this nice bookmark with annotations. You can add your own "sticky notes" and you can also change the color coding on the annotations, so I changed the chapter headings that I had highlighted (to keep the annotations organized) to a different color. You can also move all of this into an outliner for lots more features, but I'm happy just with the annotations in the bookmark view (Diigo has a ton of features that I actually don't use, outliners being one of them).

Diigo link: kindle : Prem Purana: Mythological Love Stories (Usha Narayanan and Puja Singhal) 



You can then get a link to a full-page view of that bookmark, which is what I used to make it appear in Canvas via the Redirect Tool. The course and page are public, so click and see for yourself:

Kindle: Prem