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Fall 2017 Blog Network (9): Midterm Results

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Oct 15, 2017

In my previous post, I explained the open-ended midterm assessment process I used to help students reflect on their progress so far and make plans for the rest of the semester. I get a huge benefit from this also by reading through their posts; Inoreader pulls it all together for me in one big page, which combines all three of these posts across both classes (I can also view it by class, by student, by the three different assignments, etc.)


What I did for this post was to use Control-F to search through the overall page to find whatever remarks people made about blogs and blogging. The reason I prefer blogging as the main form of class action/interaction is because it seems to me the best way for students to "be themselves" online, expressing their personality through what they write and share at their blogs, and also as they tinker with the blog design (which is very easy to do at Blogger, the platform most of them choose). And I would say their remarks below confirm that sense of being able to express themselves through their blogs and also to connect with others! :-)


And here's an image that showed up in one of the blogs that I think expresses how I feel about the semester too. For more about this semester's blog network, see network2017



I believe that the comments really help us as a class to get to know each other and connect. Because this is an online class week to week the comment section gives me some great insight into each of the other students in the class.


I think the blogs actually help to let me get to know people and help them get to know me.


If I were to change something about my blog it may just be the format of it so it is easier to follow. After looking at my other classmates' blogs I have seen so many that are truly impressive and I would use some of those to inspire mine.


Right now, I'm happy with my blog, so I think I'll keep it the way it is.


I feel like I can put in a lot more time for my blog. I would say I'm not satisfied at the moment, but for the future I would like to work more efficiently and be happy with my long. My routine is coming together...finally. That is something I'm glad is falling in place because that will allow me to better my blog.


I really like the random generator to make blog comments, because then I'm not having to pick and choose or being assigned a person.


The introduction of the blog comments is my favorite part. I love learning about other people and their hobbies, desires, and goals.


The blog comments are the best way outside of emailing one another to get to know a person in this class. I have learned a lot from the introduction posts and hope people have learned about me from my own post.


I enjoy blog comments the most because I get to really get to know the person behind the writing. I feel pretty satisfied with my introduction page because it gives everyone a gist of who I am.


I do feel like I am meeting students by connecting with them on our introduction blog post. Surprisingly enough, I know a few people in here from other classes and campus activities, but it has still be fun to get to know other students.


I also know how nice it is to have people reading my blog, and I want other people to have that experience as well.


I think the blog has been a fair reflection of my personality.


I believe that the introductions to others blogs have been fun to read because you get a little insight of who your classmates are. I do not think that I am fully happy with my layout on my Portfolio at the moment but I am happy with my blog posts!


I think that I'm satisfied with the blog as of right now.


I think I have been able take tips from comments that were left on my blog that I have been able to pass along to other students in the class. I have definitely been able to enhance my own blog and storybook by getting to see so many other students post and taking little tips or stealing little ideas to make my storybook nicer.


Reading all of the different introduction blog post has been one of my favorite parts of this class because I think it really shows how diverse a online class can be. There are so many different people doing so many different things that it is cool to read about others taking a course at the same time. If you go through the list of people I don't think there would be one person like the other and I think that is really cool about this class.


Right now I am happy with my blog but will continue to read the comments and see how I can make my story book the best it can be.


The blogs are a marvelous way to get to know different people. We each present ourselves differently, and I believe that they are tailored to our personalities.


I do have a sense of getting to know people by connecting with them at their blogs. Their writings and introductions tell about about themselves. I'm happy that I can meet new people at my blog.


I kinda want to change the layout of my blog a bit.


I like reading through the other blogs. Some give me a very clear idea of what the author is like while others are more obscure. I think my introduction post gives a good idea of my personality and interests, and I have really enjoyed people's comments on my blog posts.


Also, I feel that the fact that this class encourages feedback allows students to take ownership over their blog, since they know other students will be viewing it. It makes the assignment of more consequence and not seem like busy work.


I am satisfied with my introduction post and my blog because I feel like people can see my sense of humor in my stories.


Right now, I don't think I want to make any changes to my blog since I am content with it.


I really like the blog comments and how they make an online class a little more personal.


The blog comments has been one of my favorite assignments we have done. I really enjoyed reading peoples introductions and there are some very interesting people that I have read about! I also enjoyed writing my own introduction an giving people a bit of an insight into my life.


I kind of want to try more of the extra credit options because I think doing more of those would be really helpful in updating and improving my blog, as well as making it more appealing to others who may come across this website.


I've come to recognize people's blogs and I know their writing styles. I believe my introduction provides a good sense of who I am as a person and allows my classmates to reach out and connect with me if they find something similar to themselves in the post. As for the rest of my blog, my writing really envelopes who I am as a person. People seeing my writing really helps them to understand who I am and how I view the world.


I actually really enjoy the bloggosphere we've created for this class and it's nice reading my classmates stories just for fun sometimes.


I don't think I need to make any changes to my blog. I'm happy with it.


I have loved getting to read people's introductions. Everyone in the class has done a great job bringing their personality to life through their blog. I am super proud of my blog and my project. My intro is super fun and people are seeing my fun, laid back side through it.


I can grow as a reader and as a story teller so that I can improve positively. I am thinking about changing the background of my blog to something a little more similar to my personality and interests.


I think my favorite assignments in the class are writing the stories, because I feel so accomplished by the end of it. I do the extra credit assignments once in a while, whenever I think my blog needs updating.


I think it’s been really cool interacting with other students via blogging. Further, being able to create my own blog has been a really cool experience and is a way I can express myself.


By reading other people's blogs, I definitely get a sense of their personality! However, I am not getting to know people through commenting. I don't stick to reading the same people every week because I would rather read lots of different writing styles and switch it up often.


I do feel like I have gotten to know many of my classmates through their blog posts. I think that I am happy with my introduction as it sums up my life without boring the reader.


I really enjoyed going back and looking through my blog and all of the different post I have made. I have been more caught up in getting each individual assignment turned in, that I had not looked back at all of the work I have accomplished.


Something that surprised me was how much I like the blog comments! They are actually fun, especially when you go to comment on a blog and realize that they commented on yours and left a really nice comment. Its a great way to get to know people too! I probably know more about the people in this class than I know about the people in any other class I've taken. It's really refreshing.


I feel like I am getting to know people when I visit their blogs. I mean, obviously, through the introduction, but everyone has also designed their blog in their own unique style and you learn little bits of information through comments they leave on your posts and author's notes at the end of their stories. I love my introduction and blog style because I think they really do give people a sense of who I am and what I'm all about. Most of the pictures I use on my posts are because I think they're funny and gives people an idea of what my sense of humor is like.


Many times, I will see things on other people's blog that I really like, and when I stumble across a blog that doesn't have it, I will usually project that idea forward.


When I give feedback, I usually tend to comment on the story material itself, but I think I should also give suggestions on the person's blog layout as well, so they can make it as appealing as possible for others, not just people in our class!


I'm definitely getting a sense of what people like and I'm finding things in everyone's blog that I can connect or relate to in some way. I think I'm happy with my introduction. I feel like I'm so much more than what I wrote about but it's a good beginning to get to know me.


I am happy with my blog the way it is so I'll most likely not make any changes.


When I am done with these two courses, I plan on sharing these blogs that I have created with others. I never really considered that I could write stories until I was made to! So, this has been a nice push for me and a real growing experience.


I really enjoy commenting on people's blog introductions. With this being an online course, I could easily go all semester without meeting or even knowing who is in my class, but I really like how I am forced to get out of my comfort zone and "meet" people, even if it is through their introductions. Also, I am a huge animal person, so I love reading blogs and getting to see everyone's pets.


I think I am getting to know people because I get to read their introductions and I can hear their voices in their writing. I can get a sense of personality from their stories. I am happy about my introduction and blog because I am an open book so it's easy to get to know me from reading them.


Overall, I like the way my blog and project are turning out. Feedback has helped my stay on track, and checking out other peoples websites and projects has helped me gauge where the rest of the class is skill-wise.


I feel like all the blog comments are good because they're connecting all of us together between stories and our interactions. We're all getting to know one another through our stories and it's really fun.


I feel that I have a pretty good handle on some of my classmates based on their blog posts and their introductions. Some are a bit less of an open book, but that tells me something on its own. I'm mostly comfortable with my own introduction and posts. I don't want to lay all the parts of myself out for everyone to see, but I've laid out enough.


At this point I am pretty happy with my blog.


I do like commenting on peoples blogs. The introductions are a good opportunity to get to know some of my classmates, and the commenting on them is pretty easy to do.


I've never particularly enjoyed online classes as much as in person because I felt like I was just off on my own doing my own thing but that has not been the case for this course. I enjoy the requirement to comment on however many blogs each week because it incorporates a chance to get to know people and get a few points while you're at it, providing an incentive.


I feel that blog comments really give the sense of interaction that you would get from a real class setting, in fact it might be better since the blog comments can be posted at any time. I feel that the blog comments really add to the class and make it more complete.


Looking back through the comments that I have received, I see a pattern of people praising my blog format and my author’s notes.


This image just makes me smile and it is fun to be able to pick an image that really just encompasses what you are feeling at the time. Whether it be related to the readings, or if it is just a fun picture you want to share, I think it is important to be able to express yourself through writing and also visual effect in this blog.


I can feel like I am getting to know the people in this class by connecting with them at their blogs. I can see reflections of them in the stories they write, like inspiration from their hobbies or aspiring majors or professions, which makes seeing what everyone comes up with all the more interesting.


As of right now, I feel no need to change up my blog or its format. However that may very well change later on. It's always good to keep this fresh and new.


I don’t want to make any changes to my blog, I feel that it represents me perfectly as it is.


Some people really come across in their introduction post. Just the way they write you can hear their voice! But other people keep it pretty basic with their interests and don't even post a picture with them in it! I actually think my introduction is pretty good and represents me and my passions fairly well!


I don't want to change my blog at all though. I love it just the way it is.


I am happy with my introduction post, and I think the blog commenting is a great way to connect with class mates! I really enjoy reading everyone’s introduction, and it really shows just how unique each person is.


I really like my blog but I'm definitely going to try to be better about posting creative writing stories even though they make me nervous!


I would say I get more interaction with my classmates than any other class I am taking.


I forgot to mention changing up my blog site to make it stand out more and be more creative with personality. I haven't had the time to play with it just yet, but I will find some time this week to work on making my blog site into my own, without looking so plain and boring!


I think that my blog's introduction does a pretty good job of explaining who I am, but possibly could use some more pictures. I think that my blog could let people know the type of person I am better, but at the same time I kind of want people to just look at my blog for the stories rather than who I am as a person being that some of my stories are slightly dark and I don't consider myself a dark person.


Looking forward I really want to work on my project page and overall layout of both of my blogs. Over the course of the past 8 weeks I have just been posting and finishing whatever is due that day. I really want to take some time and work on the big picture of everything.


I think I am slowly getting to know people better based off of their blog comments, but due to the random nature of the comment-making, it is hard to feel like I am really connected with them. I more feel like I am jumping from one to another. In order to improve this, I suppose I could make more of an effort to maybe read someone’s introduction post first, in order to remind myself of who they are.


I will say that it is cool to get taken back to blogs that you have been to before via the randomizer, and getting to see how their blog has progressed.


However, I can say that this class's introduction blog posts are way more interactive than any other class I've taken so far. Online classes usually require you to introduce yourself on the class discussion page, but honestly not a lot of people actually read those. In this class, it is part of our assignments to read everyone's introductions, I actually like it a lot.


I plan on changing a few things around in my blog as well as my portfolio due to some of the comments I have received. They have been good comments and I'm glad I got these suggestions because I'm always looking for ways to improve my writing and design layout.


I might try spicing my blog's graphics up a little when I find myself with free time. You can never make a blog look too good!