Laura Gibbs

Why I Don't Grade

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Oct 26, 2017

This is a must-read from Jesse Stommel about grading and about NOT grading. I've written quite a bit here in my blog about why I do feedback-not-grading, but Jesse has laid everything out so clearly here, covering so many topics. I hope others will find this useful. I personally think the culture of grading is the single biggest obstacle we need to overcome if we want to find ways to focus on real learning that will last and be of value to students.


Why I Don't Grade by Jesse Stommel


Here's just one of several good graphics you will find in the essay:


grading undermines the work


I also really like this graphic which emphasizes the idea of open-ended, spontaneous, creative, imaginative, student-initiated learning which is the kind of learning I value most in my classes:


We haven't been nearly imaginative enough with outcomes. I want outcomes for "for us to have an epiphany" or "for students to do something I couldn't anticipate."


I've collected ideas and information about my own move from grades to feedback here:


And there is always inspiration going on at the #TTOG stream at Twitter (teachers throwing out grades).