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Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Nov 1, 2017

I am really excited about today's Group CanvasLIVE: Fall 2017 Showcase... but I know anything synchronous is going to exclude a lot of people based on scheduling, so I've also posted my slides here, along with links. Have fun, explore... and ask questions: I am glad to try to help people in using Twitter in Canvas! :-)


Here are the slides:





Class Twitter account at Online Myth India

about Twitter Lists

about Twitter Widgets





Step by step blog post




Visit ALL the widgets and see one at random in the Widget Gallery



And....... I just added a new randomizer to that page so that new widgets pop up at random! Click the link and see what you get at random. :-)


Screenshot: It's my school's Library Twitter feed that popped up at random this time.


screenshot of twitter in canvas