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#TTOG and Going Gradeless

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Nov 14, 2017

Apologies for the flurry of blog activity this morning: I went back and re-shared some old blog posts from the old University of Oklahoma Canvas group (now dormant), republishing them in my own blog space here, and also adding the hashtag #ttog (teachers throwing out grades), which is a Twitter hashtag that teachers use to share ideas about ungrading and going gradeless. I've written about this a lot here in my Canvas blog previously, but I was inspired to do some #ttog organizing here after reading a GREAT piece by Susan Blum in Inside Higher Ed today; I would urge everybody to take a look:


Ungrading, by Susan Blum


ungrading article screenshot


Ironically, there is also an (appalling) article in the same issue of Inside Higher Ed today about automatic grading; yes, it's about Blackboard, but I wouldn't be surprised if, with its push for data analytics, Canvas did not try something like this............... but I hope they will not! Do Professors Need Automated Help Grading Online Comments? Blackboard is getting ready to add a tool to its learning management system that would provide grading guidance based on algorithms, but some faculty members question need. By Lindsay McKenzie


I'm in a rush today (why? because I have a lot of student work on which I need to give FEEDBACK... not grades... and there's nothing automated about it), so I will just leave this here, along with a link to a compendium I created of great articles and resources on going gradeless; you will find that here:


Especially as we near the end of the semester, when the grading ritual plays itself out in its greatest absurdity, this is good stuff to think about... and if anybody is interested in ungrading even just part of your class work next semester, let me know. I am always glad to brainstorm about these things. I gave up putting grades on student work years and years and YEARS ago, and I would never go back to it. I agree wholeheartedly with Susan Blum's assessment of the problems with grading and the great benefits of giving up grades. If you have just a few minutes today to jiggle your brain on this important topic, read her article. And if you find yourself frustrated by any of the problems she identifies, believe me, there are solutions! 


Excerpt from the article on problems with grading:


screenshot of excerpt from Susan Blum article