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A Canvas-Friendly Twitter Widget for #OUTechExpo

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Jan 10, 2018

Our #OUTechExpo is coming up, with several Canvas-related presentations, so of course I had to make a Twitter widget... and I created a simple copy-and-paste version that people can use, thanks to the magical https power that we have with OUCreate. Here's a step by step for what I did; to use the widget, you don't have to go through any of these steps — you can just copy and paste (see below).


MAKING THE WIDGET AT TWITTER: Twitter really wants you to create widgets!


Go to Twitter.
Click on Settings.
Click on Widgets.
Click on Create New: Search.
Paste in the hashtag.
Opt out of tailoring.
Create widget.
Copy code.


PUBLISHING THE CODE IN HTTPS WEBSPACE. The HTTPS is what makes Canvas happy, and at OU we have the great OUCreate option for our own HTTPS webspace.

Paste code into plain HTML file (I'll call it outechexpo.html).
Log on to OUCreate at
Go to File Manager.
Upload HTML file; I keep these widget files in a folder called
And there it is, with the HTTPS magic:




Now that I have the Twitter javascript safely published in an https file, I can put that in an iframe which will display anywhere in Canvas: in a Page, in a Discussion Board prompt, anywhere that you see the Canvas editor:

<iframe style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" src="" width="100%" height="850"></iframe>


And that's all you need to copy-and-paste into your Canvas Page.

You can see the widget in action here:
OUTechExpo: Twitter4Canvas 


screenshot of Twitter widget in Canvas


I can't attend the Expo since I don't live in Norman, but I will definitely be watching the Twitter stream. @HyperVisible aka Chris Gilliard is giving one of the keynotes!


Of course, you can make your own Twitter widgets... and if you have access to https webspace, you can make Canvas-friendly iframe Twitter widgets that are ready to copy-and-paste for anyone to use. :-)