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Flipgrid Experiment (1)

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Jan 14, 2018

Things are going to be pretty wild next week, so I thought I should quickly summarize my Flipgrid experiment. I'm not sure when the students will give it a try (it's not part of the first week orientation)... but maybe some of the students who are working ahead will try it! I am very curious to see what they will think.


So, here are the things I did to get my Flipgrid experiment set up:


I created a class grid, and it currently has four topics:
* Hello (this is the one they start with)
* Makerspace (to share a video about something you've made)
* What's New (to share a video about something new you are doing: growth mindset!)
* Show and Tell (using the video to actually show and share something)


I'm using the same grid for both classes (which is great; I really like connecting the two classes), and it's embedded in our Canvas course:




I'm guessing that they will find it pretty easy to use Flipgrid, so I did not write up a lot of elaborate instructions, but I did write a step by step on how to embed a Flipgrid video in a blog post. I thought that was a really cool option since the students do all have blogs! So, here's an example of Flipgrid in a blog post:

Flipgrid: What's New 

And here are the instructions I wrote:

Online Course Wiki / Flipgrid Embedding


I also made my own videos for each of the topics. Then, I downloaded those videos, made a YouTube playlist, and added this to my set of random playlists that show up in the sidebar of the Announcements blog (more about how that works: The Power of Playlists PLUS the Power of Random!). I made this one appear less often than the others (since it has only four little videos in it), but it still might get some students' attention; it has a link to the Flipgrid Video section of the Tech Tips for students who are curious about the video.



Throughout the past couple of days while getting this set up (along with all kinds of other stuff for the new semester: gasp!), I was super-impressed with all the encouragement from the @Flipgrid support, and also for their prompt answers to my questions about downloading videos.


I also created a Canvas Community Flipgrid: give it a try! You can find the links for that here and see it embedded in a Canvas course where you can go in and press that big green button to record your own video!

A Flipgrid Playground for the Canvas Community 


embedded flipgrid in Canvas screenshot