Laura Gibbs

Gradebook Hack: Notes Field for Enrollment

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Jan 17, 2018

I wanted to write up a quick post about something that really helps me out during the first week of classes, "shopping" week with add/drop by students through the enrollment system, no instructor signatures. For me, that is a problem because I have students do an Orientation week during this first week, and when someone joins the class after the semester has started, I have to make sure to tell them right away how to get on track and to help them with any questions they have. 


In D2L, there was a page we could access that showed when students had added and dropped by date, but I never could find that in Canvas. If it does exist, let me know! But I don't think it does.


If our student enrollment system has that information buried in some report somewhere, it is not easy to find, and I need this to be quick and easy so I can check often during the first week and find out quickly if there is anyone new (I don't need to know who dropped; what's important is who enrolled to take their open seat).


So, here is my trick: at the start of the semester I reconcile my Canvas roster to the enrollment system (which is a good way to check to make sure the synch is working; every once in a while there is a problem). When I do that I wrote "roster" in the notes field for every student. Then, when a new student enrolls, presto, their notes field is BLANK, and I know right away they are newly enrolled.


Here's a screenshot: no new students here! But there is one seat open in one of my classes, and a new student will probably pop up today to fill it (there are waiting lists for all my classes)... I am glad I found this easy trick to see right away when I have a new student!

screenshot of roster column