Laura Gibbs

The Power of Twitter Hashtags for Connecting

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Mar 31, 2018

I'll have lots to say about the power of Twitter hashtags in upcoming posts, and I just wanted to quickly share a great example that happened to me today, March 31, 2018. Today is the holiday of Hanuman Jayanti, the birthday of the monkey-god Hanuman, and so the Twitter hashtag #HanumanJayanti is helping me today to find great materials to share with my Indian Epics class via my OnlineMythIndia Twitter stream; Hanuman is a main character in the Ramayana, which is one of the epics that we read.


So, as I was going through the items in the hashtag stream, I found this beautiful tweet:


tweet about Hanuman painting by Ramesh Gurjala


I was curious about the account, ArtAware, so I clicked to learn more: "Your Daily Art Fix brought to you by an art collector and an author/screenwriter. Trip out on the colours of contemporary Indian Art!"  That sounds exactly like the kind of Twitter account I like to follow in order to find artwork to share with my classes, and sure enough, when I clicked to go look at more from ArtAware, I found so many lovely items to share... and I am sure I will find many more in the future now that I am following this account! For example, look at this gorgeous porcelain of Damayanti and the hamsa:


Damayanti and hamsa in porcelain


That's the kind of serendipity that makes Twitter hashtags so powerful: it allowed me to connect to another Twitter user who shares my interests, and my students are going to benefit from the wonderful new art that I learn about by following ArtAware. And, if you want, it can all show up in Canvas... in fact, that will be a topic for my next post. I'll create a list of Twitter accounts that share a lot of Indian art, and write up a step-by-step for how to embed that list in Canvas. So, until next time, tweet on, people!