Laura Gibbs

Twitter4Canvas: The Benefits of a Class Twitter Account

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Apr 2, 2018

For several years now, I've had two separate Twitter accounts: OnlineCrsLady is my personal (i.e. professional) account, while OnlineMythIndia is my class account which contains content I share for my students.


It was when I created that class account a few years ago that my use of Twitter skyrocketed. Having the two accounts helped clarify in my own mind just what I was doing at Twitter... and since I was trying to do two very different things (connect and share with colleagues, find and share content with students), I was finding it hard to do that with just one account.


There is some overlap: each day, I'll usually retweet some items from my OnlineCrsLady stream at my class account and vice versa... but mostly they are pretty separate. For both accounts, I do all my reading via lists or hashtags, and I have very different lists and follow different hashtags for each one.


I've created a Canvas Page where I've put the two accounts side by side so you can get a sense of how they work and how different they are. They are both "me" -- very much so! -- and having separate Twitter accounts for these different aspects of my online work has been incredibly helpful for me. I'll have more to say about that in future posts, but for now, here you can see them side by side: a Twitter widget showing OnlineCrsLady, and a Twitter widget showing OnlineMythIndia. And I created them the usual way:

1. Go to to get the code from Twitter.

2. Upload the code in an html File in Canvas.

3. Iframe the File into a Canvas Page. 

It's weird, but easy once you get used to the routine! :-)


Screenshot ... but click on the Page link to see it in real time!


screenshot of two Twitter widgets in a Canvas page