Laura Gibbs

Twitter4Canvas: List of past blog posts

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Apr 8, 2018

I decided to go back through my old blog posts here at Canvas Community to see what would be useful going forward; some of these I may need to rewrite to match up with the new Twitter widget regime. Anyway, to get started, here's a list:


screenshot of Twitter moment in Canvas


Embedding Twitter Moments in Canvas : the Moments are actually a good alternative to the demise of hashtag widgets


An #InstCon Twitter Widget in Under 5 Minutes : with no more hashtag widgets, I'll need to update this for sure


Content Recycling: "From yesterday's Twitter..." : I've updated this to a more systematic harvesting of content from Twitter.


Cartoons and Other Summer Fun at Twitter : this is an example of a Twitter list that I get so much good content from!


Twitter and Connected Learning : Twitter is still one of my main tools for connecting


Twitter4Canvas Slides : I should definitely do a review/update of this presentation


National Day on Writing: #WhyIWrite Canvas Widget : this is a hashtag event that would definitely be worth manually curating into a Moment or a Collection