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Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on May 23, 2018

Okay, I've been bad...
Very bad.
This new summer folklore project has had me completely enraptured, and I've been neglecting other things (forgive me, Adam Williams!). I'm reading through mountains of folktale and nursery rhyme books looking for chain tales, and the first thing I want to do every morning when I sit down at the computer is blog the new stories I have found.

But here's what I did today to redeem myself in Canvas-land: I repurposed my old StoryLab space to accommodate this new project AND I decided I would try to document everything I am doing in this Canvas space with a "how-to page" right there in the site to explain what I am doing if you want to do anything similar in your own Canvas space.
Here's the result:

(I had created that URL last summer without really knowing what to do with it... NOW I know!)


Right now, I have about a dozen pages at the site:


Homepage, which contains a live feed of the "story of the day" for the past week at my blog.


screenshot of homepage



About StoryLab, which explains my two goals of sharing chain tale stories and helping people to create chain tale stories of their own.


StoryLab Padlet, which is a space to share stories. I'm sharing stories there from my blog already. Plus there's a Padlet Playground if you want to just see how Padlet works.


padlet screenshot


StoryLab Twitter List, which is a Twitter list embedded in Canvas that has motivational and practical content for aspiring storytellers. Let me know if you have suggestions for more Twitterati to include in the list!


twitter list screenshot


How-To Pages: This is the best part! I am trying to be very diligent about creating a Page to explain every Canvas strategy I am using. So far that means:

How-To: Add a Blog Feed to Canvas

How-To: Add Items to the Canvas Navigation

How-To: Add a Padlet to Canvas 

How-To: Add a Suggestion Box to Canvas

How-To: Add a Twitter Widget to Canvas 


StoryLab Suggestions is a suggestion box form there in Canvas. You can let me know about any suggestions, questions, requests, ideas you have as this project moves forward! I really hope to make this useful to others, but I need people's help to do that. I'm now in Week 3 of this project, with June and July ahead of me, and I am excited about what I can accomplish in that time!


So, that was my good-Canvas-deed for the day. Now I am going to go read stories... I just found a fantastic Russian website with all the fairy tales of Afanasjev in the original Russian, digitized and copy-and-pastable. Yay!



Wise words from the great writer Neil Gaiman: 

I want people to imagine. I think that your imagination is the most important tool that you posses. 

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