Laura Gibbs

StoryLab: Now With an Embeded YouTube Playlist

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on May 24, 2018

Okay, here's the latest at StoryLab: I created a YouTube playlist, embedded it in my StoryLab, and -- as promised -- I wrote up a step-by-step on how to create a YouTube playlist and embed it in Canvas.


And, of course, I embedded the same playlist in my blog sidebar. One playlist: embed everywhere you want! Update once; it updates everywhere. Automatically.


screenshot of playlist in blog


This is going to be so great for my project, especially for songs where the lyrics are copyrighted (so I cannot just post them at my blog), but where there are indeed YouTube videos I can include in the playlist.


Does everybody know the amazing enumerated chain-tale "Children, Go Where I Send Thee"...? The most famous Christmas chain tale is Twelve Days of Christmas, but I like this one so much better. And I found this great version with Home Free and Kenny Rogers. Wow! I put it at the top of the playlist for today. Listen in my Canvas StoryLab YouTube Page... or at YouTube (where you can find lots more Home Free videos).


Notice that the YouTube link is to the video IN the playlist. Playlists are GREAT. Why link to a video when you can instead link to a video in a playlist...? GO PLAYLISTS! :-)


screenshot of YouTube Playlist in Canvas