Laura Gibbs

StoryLab: Now With SoundCloud Playlist also

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on May 24, 2018

I was in a multimedia mood today, so in addition to adding a YouTube Playlist to my Canvas StoryLab, I decided to add SoundCloud too! I recorded audio (just using my phone, nothing special) for three stories, uploaded the audio to SoundCloud, and created a playlist at SoundCloud.


Then I embedded that in a Page in my Canvas StoryLab:


screenshot of Soundcloud in Canvas


Plus in my Chain Tales blog sidebar too:


screenshot of Soundcloud in blog


Plus I went through and added embeds of the single files to the specific story posts, like for The Cat and the Mouse:


soundcloud in blog post screenshot


And yes, as promised, there is a how-to page in the Canvas space also. In the how-to page, I show BOTH styles of playlist embedding. Which one will work best depends on how you are using the playlist and what you want for your students to see as they listen:


how to add soundcloud to canvas screenshot


And like all kinds of distributed content, SoundCloud makes it easy to update everywhere: when you add a new track to the playlist, that new track will be available anywhere/everywhere that you have embedded your Playlist!