Laura Gibbs

Brainstorming for InstructureCon Remote Control :-)

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on May 26, 2018

I'm creating this blog post as a kind of notepad / placeholder for sharing ideas about "remote control" participation at InstructureCon and how to build connections between people participating remotely and people who are on-site. Last year at InstructureCon2017, Linda J. Lee made me feel very much included, pinging me about sessions she was attending that she knew would interest me, taking pictures of slides, tweeting ideas and quotes from sessions. It was great! And since I will be on-site this summer, I want to try to help build those kinds of connections again.


I've created a Canvas course space (of course) -- -- and I'll be developing that in June and July to get ready for the big event. If you have suggestions or ideas, let me know here in the comments! :-)