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Dynamic Content: It keeps working...even when you aren't at work

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Jun 10, 2018

I just got back from another trip to Texas (of the past six months, I've spent three months in Texas taking care of my dad...), and it was so cool to see that even though I was not doing any Canvas work over the past week, the dynamic content in my InstructureCon Canvas space -- -- was going on growing! Here's what I mean:


click for... TWITTER. New Twitter in both the #InstCon hashtag streams AND the list of InstCon attendees (both virtual and remote) -- do you use Twitter? Let me know (either in a comment here or by using this Google Form) so I can add you to that list!


screenshot of Twitter in Canvas


click for... GUESTBOOK. The Padlet has new "signatures" on it as people add their comments to the Guestbook! Thanks to Adam Williams for thinking of that guestbook idea. I really like it! Just like at a friendly bed-and-breakfast. I am really glad that Padlet allows totally open Padlets like this; just click on the pink circle to join in.


padlet screenshot


click for... COMMUNITY CONTENT. I'm using RSS to pull in InstructureCon-content from the Community here, and the great Community team has been hard at work; their new posts are popping up automatically on the Community page:


community content rss screenshot


click for... DRONE PAD. I got my first request for being eyes-and-ears on a session, and it is actually one I was very interested in myself to start with, so that's perfect! And @geonz included his Twitter handle, so I'll be able to ping him during the sesion. Yay! I just left a comment back there confirming that I am glad to do that session, and I crossed out my availability for that session time... but there are still other slots on Wed. and Thurs. I am glad to be eyes-and-ears for: let me know!


dronepad screenshot



So, now that I'm back home for the next couple of weeks, I will have some more content of my own to add to the site... but it sure was nice to see that the content was "growing itself" while I was gone. :-)


And I made a meme with my Ready-to-Go Panda Meme-Maker:


While pandas sleep... dynamic content STAYS AWAKE... :-)


screenshot of sleeping panda