Laura Gibbs

Embed or Redirect? It all depends...

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Jun 11, 2018

This is just a quick post about a distinction between using the Redirect Tool for including an external resource (a website, a Google Form, etc.) in Canvas versus using the embedding tool. I had to make that choice when adding something to my InstructureCon resource course today, and I thought it provided a really nice example of choosing between the two options.


REDIRECT. When you use the Redirect Tool, it is really fast and easy to include a Google Form in Canvas; you can see how that looks here: Twitter List Sign-Up.
The Google Form simply fills up the whole "content" space there. It's a simple process:
Settings - Apps - search for Redirect Tool - add Redirect Tool
Then fill in the dialogue box: choose a name (if you want it to appear in the navigation; I usually do), paste in the https address of the Google Form, then choose options -- I usually do NOT force open in a new tab (so I uncheck that option), and I do put in course navigation. Presto! That's all you have to do.


screenshot of redirect google form



EMBEDDING. When you choose to embed something in a Page, you get to provide the CONTEXT, explaining to your visitors just why you have embedded the content there, where it comes from, what to do with it, etc. I realized that when I was going to include Adam Williams' Google Form for remote participants at my site, I would need to provide some context, so I embedded the form instead of using the redirect tool. Here's how it looks: Email List for Updates.
This process takes a few minutes longer:
1. Create a Page.
2. Type whatever you want at the top of the page using the Rich Content Editor.
3. Then embed the content using an iframe using the HTML Editor. You can adjust height and width as needed; here's what I used:
<iframe src="URL" width="800" height="1900">
4. Publish the Page.
Then, if you want to include that Page in your navigation, you use the same Redirect Tool approach described above, with the Page URL being the address you paste into the dialogue box.


screenshot of google form embedded with iframe