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Randomizers in Canvas: A Good Kind of Chaos

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Jun 14, 2018

I was going to write up this post about my randomizer today anyway... but what a perfect follow-up to Lisa M Lane 's post on controlled-curated-chaotic online courses.

Three Kinds of Online Classes

My classes are really a mix of curated and chaotic where I hope that students who want/need a sense of expert curation from me "the professor" (even though I am just an adjunct lecturer...) can have that experience, while the students who want to go wild can have the freedom to create in the midst of chaos.


And I would put RANDOM on the side of chaotic, in the best sense of chaos. I curate heaps of content... but how can you surface massive amounts of content, never knowing just which piece of content will click with which student...? That's a problem we all face, and for me, randomizers are the best solution.


I've got a "Canvas Warehouse" of randomizing javascripts here: Laura's Widget Warehouse. And for my summer folklore project, I just made a new randomizer yesterday. You can see it in the sidebar of my blog, and I added it to the StoryLab Canvas site also:

Random Stories: StoryLab 

There are almost 200 stories now, which makes for some real randomness. Click and see what story you find! It's the magic power of random! :-)


random story screenshot