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Feedback Resources... plus a Canvas OPEN COURSE Challenge!

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Jul 7, 2018

For the coming year, my focus is going to be on FEEDBACK: helping my students learn how to do a better job both giving and receiving feedback, and also learning myself how to do a better job giving and receiving feedback. That makes it a wonderful opportunity for co-learning side by side with my students. As a first step, I have retooled my existing Growth Mindset Canvas resource space to focus on feedback. Here's the link:

Exploring Growth Mindset


Feedback is a huge part of the growth mindset model, so it was easy to go back through the open course I had built two years ago and repurpose it with a feedback focus. That meant changing the homepage, now with an emphasis on feedback:


screenshot of course homepage


It also meant creating a new resource page to share all the feedback materials I am bookmarking in Diigo, both for my own learning and to share with students. Using Inoreader and Diigo RSS, I can display a live feed which will reflect new items that I find and tag in Diigo for feedback purposes! I also tagged specific subcategories too, like learning from mistakes, letting go of perfectionism, the problems of both positive feedback and negative feedback, plus some observations about grading versus feedback, etc. You can find it all here:

Feedback Articles: Exploring Growth Mindset 


feedback resources screenshot


Over the next two weeks, I'll be writing some more blog posts about how I will be weaving new feedback routines into my classes... but for now, I want to issue a challenge:




This is a chance for you to find out what happens when you create an open course space and use it both to publish resources and also to share them with others -- with your students, with fellow teachers, with anyone you can connect with online.


Have you already built an open course? If so, share the link here in the comments, and I will start building a directory of Canvas Open Course Resources!


And if you build a new open course for this challenge, it will be my pleasure to award you with 500 Community points.


I was inspired to issue this general challenge after Elizabeth Bowden completed the Canvas Open Course Challenge for InstructureCon. Here's the course Elizabeth created to save and share her #InstCon experience via  Canvas open course:

InstCon 2018 Remote Base


(I build courses using my school's Canvas system, and as Elizabeth's course shows, you can also use Instructure's Canvas Free-for-Teachers option at


Here's a screenshot, and I already learned something really cool from Elizabeth's page, which is how to embed Wakelet widgets in Canvas! Whoo-hoo!


screenshot of Elizabeth Bowden's course


So... if you have an hour or two of summertime to spare, you might create a Canvas open course, either a course for InstructureCon OR a course for a specific project related to your teaching.... and which would be of value to other teachers too!


Being able to create open Canvas courses is one of my favorite things about Canvas, and for teachers who don't already have a blog or other website of their own, this can be a great option for launching your own "online hub," a place to curate content that is valuable to you and then share it with others: CONNECT AND SHARE.


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Connected Pandas are happy pandas.

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