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Feedback Gallery: By-Students For-Students

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Jul 15, 2018

Last spring, I used a Google Form to get ideas from my students about how to improve the feedback aspects of the class; I wrote about that here:

Feedback from Students about Feedback 


One thing I knew that I wanted to do was to create a FEEDBACK GALLERY with actual examples of useful feedback that students could look at it. Learning by example is powerful, especially with a gallery of useful examples chosen by the students themselves.


So, what I did with the Google Form was to ask each student to share two examples of feedback they had received that was truly useful to them, and today I went through that huge heap of feedback material, pulling out excerpts and then arranging the snippets into categories in a Google Doc. The categories emerged more or less naturally as I sorted through the material, but it's not a scientific classification -- just a convenient way to sort the examples to make the collection navigable, and I might do some rearranging as this evolves. Here's what I have so far, as a Google Doc published in my Canvas resource course space:



And here's a screenshot:


screenshot of Feedback Gallery


I'm really happy with how this turned out! I know that being able to see students' past projects for the class is a huge boost in inspiring them to do a good job with their own projects, and hopefully the Feedback Gallery can be useful in a similar way. I'll have more to share next week as I work on weaving the Gallery into the feedback assignments: school starts in less than a month (eeeek!), but I am excited for this new resource for-students and by-students!


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It is the Great Summer of Feedback! :-)