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Gearing up for Can*Innovate: Power of Blog Archives

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Sep 30, 2018

Since tomorrow is, gasp, October 1, I clearly need to start getting ready for the big Can*Innovate event coming up on October 26. I am so excited to have a chance to participate!

Can•Innovate '18 Showcase Speaker: Laura Gibbs 


Since my focus is on creativity and creative student work, I'm going to be using my StoryLab Canvas space to support my presentation, and I'll be accumulating resources there over the next few weeks. And of course I made a URL:


To start building up those materials, I did something really fun: I paged through all my blog posts here at the Community over the past two years, and I used Diigo to bookmark the posts that are relevant for Can*Innovate. Here's a screenshot; I will be able to add annotations and additional tags later on to organize the materials after I add in more stuff from course materials, links to other  resources, books, etc. etc. etc. :-)


screenshot of diigo links


It was definitely a trip down memory lane paging through all of those old blog posts (almost 200 of them now). Some of my old posts are outdated, but by and large they are still useful, and I found quite a few that are connected to themes I want to focus on for Can*Innovate.


Anyway, I am so glad to be blogging here; it's been a fantastic experience, and I hope that Can*Innovate will inspire even more people to use the Community and document their own teaching/learning adventures here.