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#TotalCoLearner: Week 7. Half-Way!

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Oct 7, 2018

Week 7 of the semester is over, which is the half-way point (our semester is 14 weeks plus a Dead Week), and I am happy with how the experiment is going! I'm at 232 points, which means I am keeping up with the workload! Admittedly, I'm in the mode that some students are in, with some weeks stronger than others rather than a steady state, but that's okay: this has been personal proof to me that my flexible calendar with lots of make-up/work-head options is very accommodating and even necessary for people who have serious work and family obligations. Originally I thought the best I could do in the class was a C (which would be fine with me; it makes no difference in any real sense), but now I am thinking I'll go for the A, ha ha. I'm half-way there!


I realized a fantastic new use of this colearning experiment this semester, which is that it fits in perfectly with the #CanInnovate18 talk that I am giving later this month! I worked really hard on that this weekend, building a Canvas site to go with the presentation, along with a big chunk of my presentation too! The event is not until October 26, and this is the last real weekend I will have free time to work on it since the upcoming weekends are busy with family stuff.


Here's the course: I've repurposed my old StoryLab site from a couple of summers ago!


screenshot of CanInnovate site


And here's the slide from the presentation I've got (at the moment) about my colearning experiment: slide link. Plus it was fun to get to include my project along with the other project slides featuring student work. :-)


screenshot of presentation slide


I am so excited about the CanInnovate event, and if you have not browsed the program and signed up for sessions you are interested in, do that now! It's open to EVERYBODY! Here is the website. Here is the event page for my talk:

Can•Innovate '18 Showcase: Good Things Happen When Students Get Creative 


CanInnovate flyer