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#TotalCoLearner: Week 8. Reflection/Proflection

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Oct 14, 2018

This past week was a review week in class, and just like the students, I did some reflecting and proflecting! That was really nice to do because usually the Review Week is not anything special for me, but this week it was. I wrote about that in my Famous Last Words post at my blog:

Week 8. Famous Last Words: Rotating Anansi 

rotating Anansi graphic

And yes, I made a rotating Anansi as a new tech experiment: I've used GIMP to make animations before, I never tried making a circle that would rotate. I don't think I would have set myself a challenge like that if I had not been a student in the class, and it was so much fun to do. Plus I had a blast writing the Anansi story that it goes with:

Story: Brer Anansi Borrows Money 


That means I've written 6 stories for the class so far, and I've put three of them into my Chain Tales Portfolio. As a creative experience, it has been so great to take this class as a student, and that extra boost of creativity really added to my Can*Innovate presentation I think:

Can*Innovate Presentation: Surprise! Good Things Happen When Students Get Creative


And of course I have a slide for colearning:


colearning slide from presentation


Has everybody picked out the Can*Innovate sessions that you want to attend? It's all coming soon: Friday, October 26.

Caninnovate18 Schedule of Presentationsyou can sign up here for individual sessions

There are so many great topics on the agenda


Here's the Community Event page for my presentation:

Can•Innovate '18 Showcase: Good Things Happen When Students Get Creative 


I'm glad I got the presentation done (and it's meant to function just fine on its own without me!)... now I can let it sit while I ponder for the next 10 days. Since they are going to be a very busy 10 days, I am so relieved to have gotten the presentation (tentatively) done. :-)