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Domains 2019: Hoping to present about Canvas Widgets

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Jan 17, 2019

So, I was thinking that this summer my life was going to be so chaotic that I wouldn't be able to do anything of my own... but lo and behold, the Domains 2019 Conference is happening down the street from me! Literally! (Well, an hour down State Highway 501, in downtown Durham NC.) I've even submitted a proposal that I hope will be accepted; see below. I knew right away what I would submit because the main way I use my Reclaim Hosting / Domain of One's Own webspace is to host all my javascript and javascript resources for the widgets in my Canvas Widget Warehouse. So, I'm going for sure, whether or not I'm presenting, and of course I'll share the presentation materials here. :-)


I went to the first Domains conference when it was held in Oklahoma back in 2017, and that was actually the first time I had been back to Oklahoma in ten years. So, that was a great experience: I got to meet long-time online friends whom I had not met in person before (Jim Groom, Jesse Stommel, and many more), and I also got to reconnect with old friends in Oklahoma. I cannot say enough good things about Reclaim Hosting and the whole Domains crew, which now extends over many different college and university campuses. IMO there is no other ed-tech group with more VISIONARY POWER than these people, and I am really excited that I will get to reconnect with them in my own backyard. It's sure easier to pay your own way to a conference when the conference fee is totally affordable ($199) and no transportation is involved. Whoo-hoo!


Also just IMO, I think every school that has Canvas should consider Reclaim Hosting for their faculty and students: that way you have real tools for content development and sharing, which really is a serious weak point in Canvas, while also making it possible for faculty to (re)claim their digital identity.


Pinging Scott Dennis and Jared Stein to suggest that Instructure might send somebody to eavesdrop on this event! There was some Canvas love going on at Domains 2017 because Keegan Long-Wheeler did a super presentation there about Domains+Canvas: Domains Inside the LMS? Bring Your Course Website/Blog Into a Canvas Course to Engage Students. His presentation is still available as an open Canvas course space here: Domains17 ... I met Keegan in person for the first time there! Jon Udell was also in attendance (oh my gosh: total fan-girl moment meeting him in person!), and he had good things to say about how different it was developing an LTI for Canvas compared to his experiences with other LMSes.


Reclaim Hosting: I AM A FAN.


Reclaim Hosting graphic




Here's the proposal I sent in: fingers crossed!


presentation proposal abstract