Matthew Jennings

Plug-in for Powered Up Submissions

Blog Post created by Matthew Jennings on Aug 7, 2017

So the other night I was perusing the Twitter-verse and came across this gem (tweet by Luis Carrillo, re-tweeted by Tera Lisicky). To say it caught my attention would be an understatement. 



My response was where do I get this & could it really work? What I found was that this is in the Microsoft Add-in Store and will actually allow students to submit to assignments directly from PowerPoint AND Word!! I immediately downloaded the add-in for Word and clicked through the setup screens. This worked well (you have to connect to Canvas & to Office 365 - so an Office 365 account is required), but I hit a snag in testing this out. I am a sub-account admin, so I am not in any courses as a student.


Fortunately I do have an account over on Free for teacher that I am a student in. I did have to remove the add-in altogether and reinstall to remove my credentials and log in with a different account. However, I would think that most students would find this to not be an issue unless they are in multiple instances of Canvas, which I would think would be a pretty small percentage, if any.


Once I got my student account connected it was pretty simple to submit the assignment. Here is a brief video of the process:


I haven't gotten to test this from PowerPoint yet, but I would assume that it will work in very much the same manner. This is something that is definitely going into the toolkit for students.


Until next time.. Take the care!