Gregory Beyrer

YouTube Captions to Arc

Blog Post created by Gregory Beyrer on Aug 26, 2018

Earlier this year I proposed the idea Arc Recognize Captioned YouTube Videos, but it has not happened yet. So I did some poking and searching and found a solution. In the embedded video I demonstrate the following tasks:

  1. Use the website to generate a .srt file from a YouTube video's captions
  2. Upload the caption file into Arc

The video demo I made on my iMac, and I was able to download the .srt file directly from the website. It is also possible to create your own .srt file by copying the caption from the website into a plain-text editor (like Notepad on Windows) and saving that with a .srt extension.



Wouldn't it be great if Instructure's developers took care of this automatically? Encourage them to do so by voting on the idea Arc Recognize Captioned YouTube Videos