Roxanne Conroy

Vericite Plagiarism Detector Resource

Blog Post created by Roxanne Conroy Employee on Oct 19, 2017

As time progresses and technology ever changes (as we all know good technology does), so do people's preferences. Our institution is migrating to another Plagiarism detection service and, after some extensive testing, we're setting our sights on The specified item was not found..


There are a lot of great things about all the Plagiarism detectors out there, this one just seemed to fit the unique needs of our institution really well. We're aiming for full integration in a few months in an effort to effectively train and catch our students and staff up to what will be coming their way. 


I find quite a few things cool about VeriCite, here are just a few:

  • They have extensive documentation and how to videos about their different iterations of the Plagiarism Detection services.
  • They host live training sessions for those who are interested!
  • You can also try the service for 60-days to see if you like it and how it works for your people. We've been having about 20 people consistently test it for 30 days in both student and staff roles in a sand-box. I appreciated the extent to which people have and are continuing to put it through the ringer to see if it will really help our institution. 


I've created a few guides from their Canvas User Guide documentation to have as a resource here on the community. 


Vericite Plagiarism Detector Resource - LTI Guide 

Vericite Plagiarism Detector Resource - Native Integration Guide 

Vericite Plagiarism Detector Resource - Plagiarism Detection Framework Integration 


We're excited to see how this will evolve and how our institution will be using it in time to come.