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Ed-tech goodness: How CanvasCons help you grow your community & brand

Blog Post created by Shaswati Cates Employee on Jul 24, 2019

Interested in sharing your knowledge with peers? Check!

Interested in growing your brand as a thought leader in education? Check, check!

Interested in learning ways to elevate learning for your students without complicating teaching? Check, check, check!

Interested in networking, collaborating, idea-sharing with others who are facing similar challenges? Well, CanvasCon is the place you want to be. 


“Love seeing all the templates and resources for easy faculty use!” @jinnettesenecal

“It was great learning with this #extraordinary team during #CanvasCon!” @teachCTE

“Learning more about how to have engaging and valuable discussion board. Very timely since this will be the focus of our PLC next year.” @MrsLindenmeier

“Teach, Learn, Network, and be awesome !!” @MrsLaningham

“We had a great time at #CanvasCon! We learned a lot, we met some very passionate smart dedicate educators, administrators and technologists! We had great conversations and both of us were quite inspired about #CanvasNation when we left!” @donhazelwood


Those are just a few tweets from educators, admins, and technologists, just like you, who recently attended CanvasCon in Mesa, Arizona. Now that we’ve had a chance to catch our breath from the amazing experience of InstructureCon 2019, there is so much more learning and connecting for us to continue that we can’t just stop with Long Beach! 


Take a look at the lineup: topics and presenters >


If you’ve joined us before then you know that our CanvasCon events are a mini version of the energy and education we bring to InstructureCon. There are plenty of reasons to attend CanvasCon WI (here are just a few):

  • Get better acquainted with the Canvas Learning Management Platform and build your digital learning environment
  • Get tips from schools and institutions who use it effectively every day 
  • Discover how to use new tech tools and new methodologies to boost what’s working
  • Chat with 500+ education professionals and attend sessions delivered by 30+ expert speakers


Not registered?  Let’s get you there! Register for CanvasCon Wisconsin >