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Blog Post created by Administrator on Mar 9, 2015

Creating Futures.jpgMarch 3rd, 4th and 5th, Jordan Dayton, @Rebecca and I travelled east and south to attend the 2015 Creating Futures Through Technology Conference in Biloxi, Mississippi.  Here we found people from all over Mississippi and a few from surrounding states who are mostly just getting started with using Canvas or soon will be.  The mood was upbeat and ebullient.  Rebecca met many clients face-to-face for the first time and there were many excited hugs and handshakes.  Jordan and I came to preview and get feedback on the new community platform that we will soon open to the Canvas community at large.


Reactions to Jive were overwhelmingly positive.  When shown the existing community and then asked to tour the new one, the most universal reaction was ‘Yes, this is exactly what we need.’  One woman wanted to selfy with the laptop (a little weird but I can relate).


A few people did ask what will happen to the existing discussion threads in the current community.  Every person who did ask about that seemed satisfied with the plan for migrating the most active initial posts and then letting anyone in the community copy and paste over what they are interested in seeing continue.


Most that were familiar with the existing forums were also aware of the recent frustration with the amount of feedback from us in the feature discussions.  Everyone we talked to approved of the plan going forward that anyone can suggest a feature but then the idea goes into a kickstarter phase where community member vote or don't vote for it to become something that we then shepherd through a series of idea phases.


All in all, I came back from Mississippi even more excited about this project and seeing where the community takes it.


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