Using Bookmarks in the Community

Blog Post created by Administrator on May 7, 2015

Did you know you can bookmark content in the community?


Maybe as the month goes by you keep up on all the new feature ideas that are submitted.  As you read along you find one that you can really get behind and you want to remember to come back and vote for it on the first Wednesday of next month.  One option would be to bookmark it:

Screenshot 2015-05-07 16.19.21.png

Then, next month, when the first Wednesday of the month rolls around, you might be wondering to yourself, "How do I get back to that idea I bookmarked, anyway?"


The answer might not exactly be intuitive but one way to get back to your bookmarks is to click into the search menu in the upper right and then on the "Bookmarked" link to see all your bookmarks.  See also Browsing your bookmarks.