Canvas Community at Six Months In

Blog Post created by Administrator on Oct 6, 2015

The new Canvas Community platform's public launch took place a little over six months ago, which means that we have been live for one of the two major busy time for those of us who support academic institutions; the start of fall term (the other big activity spike happens in the first week of January.  It the middle of August/beginning of September we saw a spike in activity in the community roughly corresponding to teachers getting all set up and the students coming back to school and logging into Canvas, many for the first time.Screenshot 2015-10-06 10.31.32.png  One thing I found particularly interesting was that while the increase in people logging into the LMS and also filing support tickets increased dramatically then also fell off relatively quickly (which is normal), participation in the community leveled back off at a more gradual rate.  I think this may mean that for a number of folks, they poked their head into the community's door for the first time and then stuck around to participate in communities of interest, feature idea voting, etc.  Another aspect that I found interesting is that if you establish a monthly average for activity in Canvas and also support activity and activity in the community and then look at monthly standard deviations, the spikes in activity correlate but the standard deviations in community activity far outpace those in Canvas itself, meaning (I think) that when people are spending more time in Canvas than they usually do, they are spending much more time in the community.


On a more anecdotal level; we saw huge increases in the number of questions being asked in the community but for the first time ever during a fall start I personally didn't feel overwhelmed and stressed out because the Canvas Coaches (Community Jedi Masters) and the Community Team stepped up and waded in.


During the same time period, the Community because a much more integral part of our company's feature development process with much more information flowing back and forth between our product managers and product users with more of that information getting to Product in useful formats, but I suspect that is another blog post entirely. 

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