Updating Your Status in the Community

Blog Post created by Administrator on Oct 20, 2015

How to update your status?

Go to:

Type your update in the "What's going on?"  You might even want to bookmark this link.


Why update your status?

Status updates let other people in the Canvas community know what is going on right now for you. Updates provide a great way to communicate what you're up to by using a quick, specific message, such as "Heading out for a week's vacation" or "Leading a Canvas orientation today." Post a new update as frequently as you want. You can use plain text, include links, or even add a picture: add an @mention if you want to make sure your status shows up in the right people's Communications area.


Status is tracked like any other kind of activity in your Activity and Communications area. You can read everyone's status updates quickly from your Activity stream by clicking All Activity > Status Updates Only. If you want to see a specific person's status updates, go to their profile page and click on Activity > Status Updates Only.


Add an Image, Link, or YouTube Link to Your Status Update

You can insert an image, link, or YouTube video link to your status update. This is a good way to share information with your contacts in the community.


To insert an image into your update, click the upload image icon, browse to and select the image you want to insert, and then click Post to include it in your update. To insert a link or YouTube video that others can click to open or play without leaving the community, paste the entire video link in your status update, including "http://" and then click Post.