Community and Being Open

Blog Post created by Administrator on Jul 18, 2016

One of the first things that attracted me to Canvas as a user was all the information and personal connections I found in the Community.  Early on in Instructure's history the cofounders and those who soon joined them set out to bring about change in our industry.  A central goal of this change was and is openness.  Being open means many things but part of it is giving people access to the information and resources that they need to help themselves and be successful.  It also means encouraging discourse and possibly criticism in an open forum where people can find each other and hopefully work together to overcome challenges, share techniques and best practices and help each other find needed information. 


In community management circles presenters and authors often talk about "return on investment" and "cost deflection."  I'm proud to work at a company where investment in community is not seen primarily as a way to reduce support costs but instead as part of a deliberate strategy to help users succeed with using our product and more generally at teaching and learning.  I'm glad that the pervasive attitude I encounter is a desire to continually improve and to work together rather than one of defensiveness and fear.  Complacency is a huge risk but I am grateful that I have the opportunity to put my energy into that rather than being secretive and closed.