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Updated Canvas Status Page! Huzzah!

Blog Post created by Stuart Ryan Champion on Feb 21, 2018


Hi Everyone,

I have been advised that the Status Page has been reverted so this information is now out of date. I will leave it here as it is always great to see what Instructure is testing out and good to have discussions also!



Howdy all, 

A little birdie told me today that Instructure had updated the trusty Canvas Status Page. I might have got a teensy bit excited at this fact, and thought it would be a great time to write my first blog post, and to give you all a rundown.


Individual Components

The first thing you might notice is you can now see a much greater level of granularity in the status page which has been broken down by component:

Component Status Image


The components are broken down, and now provide individual uptime percentages on:

  • Canvas (overall)
  • Catalog
  • Chat
  • Collaboration
  • Commons
  • Conferences
  • Document Previewing
  • Imports and Exports
  • Media Tools
  • Notifications
  • Support: Phones/Chat
  • Support: Webform/Email
  • and last but not least ePortfolios


Hovering for detail

The awesomeness does not stop there! You can hover over an individual day slice, and you will see information about any outages on the day, including date, type, and duration:

Image showing the hover functionality over a particular status timeperiod


Event classification

You may also note that the previous image shows a 'partial outage'. The status page now classifies outages by the following five types. This gives greater granularity into the type and severity of an status event, and impacts the colours you will see in the status bars, as per the image above.

Image displaying the five different status types of Operational, Degraded Performance, Partial Outage, Major Outage, and Maintenance


Event history

The updated status page also has a visual history of events, again, broken down into relevant components. You can access this via the 'View historical uptime' link.

Image pointing to View Historical Uptime link


Once on the historical uptime page, you get a calendar view (with three months on the page at any one time), where you can again hover to see status events on a single day, or scroll using the arrows in the top right, to change the months you are viewing:
View of the calendar page showing status history

Lastly, as mentioned, you can also use the dropdown to see the historical status events for a different component:

Historical status display showing use of component dropdown to change the component selection


So, how many people made it this far without popping over to the status page to have a peek (Kudos if you did)? You can see the updated status page at


It is not every organisation that has such a good track record of uptime, that they are willing to put it out in the public eye in such detail. For me, it is great to see the continued commitment to ensuring high levels of uptime, and providing details and historical data on the same! 


What are your thoughts on the updated status page? Did you geek out as much as I did (go on, you can be honest )?